1.Q:How do I check the exchange rate of my gift card?

A:Please select the category of your gift card on the home page to find the latest exchange rate and the amount of Naira you can get.

2.Q:If I have a gift card, how should I redeem it?

A:First check the exchange rate of your gift card, then click "Redeem Now" to send the gift card and bank to us. We will do it in just 3 minutes.

3.Q:My gift card website does not support inquiries, what should I do?

A:If your gift card is not found in the exchange rate search, please contact us by clicking on "Need Help".

4.Q:Is the exchange rate on the website up to date?

A:Yes, please exchange as soon as possible after your inquiry, as the exchange rate may change at any time.

5.Q:What should I do if I cannot contact customer service?

A:You can add the WhatsAPP number: +8617111086367,We are open 24 hours.